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Thursday, April 14, 2016

How to change the country for your Apple ID, App Store or iTunes Store

Country change
There are a couple of methods to change the region for your Apple ID, but why someone will do that? There could be various reasons that a user may want to change the country for his/her Apple ID. Some of them are as follows;
  • A user has moved to a different country for work or any other purpose
  • You want to download Apps (ex: Spotify), but those are not available for your region
  • You are a developer or blogger, and want the content based on a specific country
Earlier told a method to change the country, but that don’t work any more. Now you have only 2 ways to change the country for Apple ID;
  1. Add or Change Credit Card Detail for Apple ID that should belong to the country you want to switch to. It can be done with existing account
  2. Create a new Apple ID, and select the country of your choice. No payment information required

1. Changing Country Along with Payment Detail

This option is basically for those who have really moved to a different country, but there are still exceptions. Adding Payment information is temporary, and you can remove Credit Card Detail from Apple Account after changing the country. So a temporary working credit card will also do this job. There are some companies that provide Virtual Credit Card, and you can get in touch with them if they can provide a US based card (or the country you want). If they do, you are good to go, because they usually provide Master or Visa card that Apple accepts.
Once you have the Payment Information ready, follow these steps to change the country
Mac Users
  • You can launch iTunes or App store on Mac
  • If using iTunes click on your Name/Apple ID, and Select Account Info
From iTunes
  • If using App Store, click on Account
From App Store
Rest of the steps are same for both
  • Click on Change Country or Region under Account Information Section
Changing Country Apple ID
  • Select the country from drop down list, and click Change
Select Country for Apple ID
  • Now you may get a page where you need to click on continue, and then accept terms and conditions
  • The last step is to provide the valid payment information along with a valid billing address and mobile number. Once you are done you can save it
Note : Changing the country without being their include some risks, like you may not receive sms/verification code via sms from Apple or for Keychain verification in future unless you actually own that mobile number.
iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Users
  • Launch iTunes Store or App Store
  • Click on your Apple ID at the bottom, and hit View Apple ID, and then Enter Password to manage
Apple ID on iPHone View App ID
  • Now Tap on Country/Region
iPhone Country Option
  • Select Change Country or Region
Change Country from iPhone
  • Rest of the steps are same as on Mac. You need to select the Country you want to choose for your Apple ID, Enter the Payment information, billing address as in new country and save.

2. Create New Apple ID to change country without payment information

You can visit Apple ID creation page, and create a new ID filling the information there. Get the help of Fake ID Generator to find dummy phone number, address and PO Box. While Creating a new ID, you can choose the country of your choice without providing any Payment information. However, keep in mind that such accounts are not secure, and password retrieval, or iCloud verification may be tough or even impossible. It’s better to use such account for testing purpose only, and have a personal valid Apple ID.

Source Url and Image: How to change the country for your Apple ID, App Store or iTunes Store

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to change ID and Password for Apple or iCloud Account

Change Apple ID password or cretae new one
Apple products, like iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac etc. requires Apple ID to download apps and use many other features. You can make an Apple ID like you do for many other online accounts. After creating an ID, there may be time when you want to change your Apple ID or Password. Apple ID is also known as iCloud Account ID, so there is nothing to get confused.
You need an email ID to create an Apple Account, and that email address could be from any service provider (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.). After creating your Apple Account you get 2 IDs that can be used as Apple ID; One of them will be your exiting email address that you used to create your account, and the other you will get as You can use any of them (or both) to receive iMessage, Facetime calls and so on… If you don’t know how to do that read our article about how to change ID for iMessage.

How to add new email address to use as Apple ID

  •  Visit
  • Login with your existing ID and Password
  • Once logged in, click on Edit option under Account section
Change Apple ID
  • Click on Add an email address. Enter your email address, and click Continue
Add New Email Address to Apple Account
  • You will receivd verification code to the new email address that you You will be asked after clicking on Continue

How to change the primary email address for your Apple ID

As you can see the screenshot above where we informed how you can add a new email address, I have 3 email addresses added. Only one of them has cross sign that can be deleted, but you can follow these steps to change the Primary email address.
  • Login with your Apple ID and Password visiting
  • Click on Edit under account section as you did while adding new email address
  • Now hit Change email address
Change email address
  • Enter your new email address that you want to use as Apple ID email, then follow the same procedure that we mentioned for adding a new email address

How to change the Password for Apple ID or iCloud Account

On the same page where you added a new email address, see the security section. Click on Change Password, and then you need to enter the Answers to your security questions. If you don’t remember it, you can click on reset your security questions option, and follow the instruction
Change Password
Note : You can’t change the username ( The only option to change is “Create a new Apple Account.” This is just a supplementary account where you can receive email, but you can always add another email and use as Apple ID for iMessage, FaceTime, Apple Store etc..

Source Url and Image: How to change ID and Password for Apple or iCloud Account

Monday, April 11, 2016

How to add, delete or change credit card detail for your Apple Account

Addiding Payment deatil to Apple Account
If you have got a new credit card, you may want to change payment information for your Apple ID to keep purchasing new apps, music, videos etc.. If you are new to Mac or iOS, you may want to add Credit Card or an existing user may want to delete. We will tell you how these things can be done easily.

How to add a credit card to Apple Account or iCloud ID

You can add a Credit Card using Mac as well as iPhone or iPad. You can just add a new one if there is no payment detail there. To modify or update, scroll down, and check how to change or delete payment information.

Mac Users

  • Click on Apple logo, and select System Preferences on Mac
System Preferences
  • Click on iCloud
iCLoud on mac
  • Click Account Details, and enter the iCloud Password when asked
iCloud Account Details
  • Select Payment tab, and click Add Payment Method
Adding Payment Method
  • Fill Credit Card Detail, and click Save
Enter Credit card detail

iOS Users (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)

  • Go to your iPhones Settings
  • Tap on iCloud
  • Hit your iCloud ID and enter the iCloud Password when asked
Apple ID iOS
  • Tap on Payment
Adding Payment Detail Apple
  • Tap Add Card
Add Card
  • Enter the name that appears on Credit Card and 16 digits Credit Card number, and tap Next
Enter Card Number
  • Enter the Card Expiration date, Security code (CVV), Billing Address and Tap Next
Adding payment Detail
  • Make sure that Credit Card should be from the same country that states in the Billing Address, else Apple will not accept. Once added you will see the last four digits of your creait card
Card Detail Added

How to change or Delete Payment Information from iCloud Account or Apple ID

You can’t modify, change or delete Payment Detail like you added. So you nee to used iTunes or App Store on Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Mac Users

  • Launch iTunes app on Mac
  • Click on your Apple ID/Name. If you are not logged in, you need to login with Apple ID
  • Select Account Info, and you will be asked to enter iCloud Password
Account Into iTunes
  • Click on Edit associated for Payment section
editing payment detail Apple
  • Now you can modify, change and remove Payment Information. To remove, just select None and save. To modify, select the Card Type, enter Card number and fill rest of the detail, and then save it
Delete or Edit payment Information
Note : It can also be done from App Store clicking on Account option, and then you need to follow the same procedure.

iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Users

  • Launch App Store or iTunes Store on your Device
  • Go to the bottom of the page, and tap on your Apple ID
Apple ID on iPHone
  • Tap View App ID, and you need to enter your Password for Apple ID
View App ID
  • Hit Payment Information

Payment Information IOS
  • Now you can select card type and enter Payment Detail to change it, or simply Select None and tap Done to remove payment detail
Modify or remove Payment Detail


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