Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mac OS X Terminal Tutorial

Deleting Files & Folders

  1. To delete a file then type in rm followed by the path to the filerm path/to/file
  2. To delete a folder and all of its contents type in rm -r followed by the path to the folder into the terminalrm -r path/to/folder

Create A Directory

  1. Type in cd followed by the path to the folder where you wish to create the new folder incd path/to/parent-folder
  2. Type in mkdir followed by the name of the folder you wish to createmkdir foldername

Change Mac OS X Screenshots Location

  1. Type in defaults write location followed by the path where you want screenshots to be saved. To save screenshots in the Pictures folder just type in:defaults write location ~/Pictures/
  2. Follow this line with the following to have the changes take effect:killall SystemUIServer
change mac os x screenshot location

Get Internal Mac IP Address

  1. Type in ifconfig |grep inet into the terminal. Your internal IP address will be the entry next to where it says inet.ifconfig |grep inet

Get External Mac IP Address

  1. Type in curl ; echo into the terminal. Your external IP address should appear.curl ; echo

List All Connected USB Devices

  1. Type in system_profiler SPUSBDataType into the terminalsystem_profiler SPUSBDataType

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